About Us

Whenever you talk or think of trying Indian Cuisine, “Princess of India” strikes your mind first. This modern dining-house is located in Morden Court Parade, Morden. Great food & superb ambience is what awaits you here. If you are looking for an adventure in this culinary work, then this place is worth visiting.

Treasure Trove Of Flavours

Princess of India, Morden truly treats you like a prince & princess with its glamorously-decorated & flavour-filled dishes. Look at some of our special dishes.

House Specials

Some of the most preferred dishes in our house are tikka masala, rezzalah, and a lot more. Taste them by clicking below.

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Biryani Dishes

Biryani is one of the soulful dishes of Indian cuisine. We bring a wide variety of this expressive recipe for you to try.

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Vegetarian Dishes

All the veggie lovers, our menu has special dishes for you too that are made with farm-grown vegetables, & fresh herbs.

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Delicious Dessert

Wrap off your meal on a sweet note with our delicious dessert items. Relish these magical delicacies by ordering online

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Place Where Your Food Dreams Come True

If you are always in the mood for good food, we are your perfect match. We extend our dining-in service to even online ordering so that whenever you crave our food, we might deliver it to your doors. Either join us at our restaurant or order a home service with us through the smart ordering platform.